What to Wear When You Travel: 3 Chic and Comfortable Airport Outfits

Jennifer Jedda

Posted on July 18 2016

So you are all packed for your trip, and you even put that extra pair of underwear in your carry on just in case your luggage gets lost in route (smart, btw). But have you thought about what you are wearing on the plane yet?

Frankly, my travel outfit typically is a last minute decision, but it is an important one. For both my long haul and domestic flights comfort is key.  BUT I don't want to look like I went from the bed or the gym to the airport, so choosing an outfit that is stylish yet cozy enough to make 9 hours in a barely reclining seat while eating peanuts and catching up on movies bearable is paramount.

Here are 3 of my travel outfits that do the job for me:

Travel Outfit Jen Jedda

No matter if it is summer or if the destination is warm, we all know that planes are cold (I am getting cold just thinking about it). Layers and long sleeves are an absolute necessity for me when flying. 

The cotton suiting jacket in this outfits gives a touch of structure and sophistication to the crop stretch jeans and simple white tank. But all of it is oh-so-breathable and easy to move in. 

Travel Outfit


Sterling Silver Ring with Andean Opal from Peru


This second travel outfit is a variation of the first, but a more likely choice if my flight is across the Atlantic. 

Jen Jedda Travel Outfit

The long open cardigan is actually made of bamboo (I found it at a shop in Costa Rica) ! It is incredible soft which is a critical criteria when thumbing through the closet to make my selection prior to a flight. 

Notice also the ballet flats.  Chose shoes that are easy to take off going through security and allow you to dash through the airport quickly if trying to make a tight connection. I also recommend that they look cute. 

Jen Jedda Travel Outfit



Wearing accessories on the flight that you can use to dress up your travel wardrobe once at your destination makes good travel sense. 



My favorite airport outfit includes long cotton leggings. Couple them with a breezy tank and flow trench cardigan and one has the perfect and effortless travel ensemble.

Jen Jedda Travel Outfit

While I don't usually wear sunglasses in an airport, it does look a bit celebrity chic here :). 

Travel Outfit Jen Jedda



Jen Jedda Travel Outfit


Now that I have arrived in comfort and style, I am waiting for the adventure to start!


Oh, the places we will go!




Jen Jedda Travel Outfit

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