Fashionable Summer Travel Accessories: Our Packing Essentials

Jennifer Jedda

Posted on July 10 2016

Fashionable Travel Accessories

Summer time is travel time! And even if your vacation plans don't necessarily have you hanging on the beaches of Ibiza with the Euro-Chic, packing accessories that are functional and stylish will help dress up and switch up your travel attire.

As I pack for my month long trip to Southeast Asia, these five accessories will take packing priority along side some other travel essentials:

Versatile Earrings


AMARO Earrings, Fashionable Travel Accessories

While it may be obvious that I do shop for accessories once I have reached my destination, I always make sure I have a couple of pair of earrings packed for the trip: one pair, simple and classic, that I know I can wear with anything (like the lovelies above by AMARO) and at least one other, a bold statement pair, that I can put on to add drama to an outfit for a night out. 


This is my favorite and most essential travel accessory! I won't leave the airport without one of my cashmere wraps as it's versatility knows no boundaries. I have used these colorful pashminas as a simple wrap on a brisk Parisian evening, as a pillow on a flight to Doha, as a blanket in a open air cabin in Bolivia and as a scarf while shopping the German Christmas markets. In summer time, a pashmina could also serve as a swimsuit cover-up or even "beach towel" in a pinch!

Sun Hat

Protecting my skin from the harsh summer rays is paramount to me whether I am traveling or not.  However, I find that I wear hats more often during my adventures that take me away from my home base. A stylish, woven hat like the one featured above that I found in a Parisian flea market or a simple white cotton cap are easy to pack, fashionable and add that extra layer of UV protection.


Fashionable Travel Accessories

The ultimate style meets function accessory is a must have on any summer trip. Just be sure to pack a pair that you don't mind losing!

Crossbody Bag

Having almost been robbed of everything in Cuba because I had my purse simply hanging over my left shoulder, I now keep all my purse-ly possessions in a crossbody bag when traveling. Tumi, a travel luggage and lifestyle brand, has always been my crossbody bag of choice because of their vibrant color options and, in the case of the bag photographed, elegant yet functional design. 

Pashmina, travel accessories

Also, don't forget a few other travel essentials that always enhance my trips...and conveniently fit into my Tumi crossbody bag: 

  • Notebook for jotting down thoughts or memorable moments to reflect on later (this also can be done on your smart phone...but it is decidedly less romantic)

  • Kindle E-reader loaded with all the books you want to read during your trip (although I have yet to embrace utilizing guide books on my Kindle as I find it more difficult to find info quickly, ear mark details and glance at maps).

Do you have any essential travel accessories that I need to be packing for my trip as well?

Let me know and Happy Summer Travels!

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  • peggy: July 13, 2016

    Happy Birthday Jen. In honor of Your birthday, I ordered some bangles for myself. Hope your Bday was far too thrilling.

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