Exotic Home Accents to Covet From Singapore

Jennifer Jedda

Posted on February 17 2018

Has an image of something, or perhaps someone, ever made you travel across oceans and continents just to be close to it, learn more about it or experience it with your own senses? 

I can say this has happened twice in my life.

The first time was when I was in Tempe, Arizona and saw a photograph at an art festival of a mud mosque in Djenne, Mali. In the foreground was a bustling market with many colorfully clad African women selling their goods. I was mesmerized. Six months later I was on a 2 month trip to West and North Africa to witness the grandeur of this beautiful and ancient mosque with my own eyes. 

The second time was this past year. While working from home I stumbled across an instagram account that was so visually alluring I found myself going back just to treat my eyes to its vibrant and patterned travel, architecture and interior photos. Nearly all the images appealed to my wanderlust and aesthetic. Three months later I was in route to Singapore to meet the talented woman behind the captivating feed and the designer of many of the accent pieces I adored in it, Amreen. 


A glimpse of Amreen's Instagram feed, the wonderful designer behind her lifestyle brand Kala Pata.

(The little girl in the second row picture is Amreen's daughter, Sofia.)


Koh-I-Nor Lacquer Box

Designed by Amreen

Perfect for keeping all your favorite JJ Caprices jewelry treasures!

Ships from Singapore

While in Singapore I had the pleasure of exploring the city and getting to know this graceful, thoughtful and inspired woman. Her mission through her graphic design work is to bring to life her deep love of world exploration and her fascination with history, heritage and global cultures. Amreen’s creations are a visual interpretation of her myriad of experiences while living in Dhaka, Bangkok, New York, London, and now in Singapore. She designs for a global audience who, like us, relish discovering beautifully hand-crafted distinctive products that awaken their own wanderlust. 


Feroza Lacquer Serving Tray

Designed by Amreen

A Gasp-Eliciting Accent Piece!

Ships from Singapore

Amreen created the lifestyle brand Kala Pata to highlight the unique and beautiful handcrafted objects and stationery she creates. In her words it "represents a magical world, where history and heritage blends into a kaleidoscopic mural of colors and designs, thereby, transforming ordinary everyday objects into extraordinary keepsakes." I love that the name Kala Pata translates to ‘banana leaf’ in Bangla, which is a nod to Amreen's Bengali heritage. 


Feroza Lacquer Box

Designed by Amreen

We absolutely agree with Amreen that this box is an "extraordinary keepsake" AND is still remarkably useful.
Ships from Singapore


 Amreen and I at lunch!

Although it looks like we just ate rice, we really had a delicious Peranakan traditional meal :).


Little India in Singapore! 


A snap I took with Amreen while exploring parts of Singapore I didn't even know existed. 


Designed by Amreen


Currently in the shop we have the pleasure of sharing a few pieces of Amreen's Kala Pata collection by featuring her exquisite lacquer trays and colorful lacquer boxes from her Samarkand collection. This collection takes its inspiration from the city of Samarkand which was at the heart of the Silk Route through Central Asia. 


They and, moreso, Amreen were absolutely worth the trip over a continent and ocean to experience for myself firsthand. And I certain each time you see your very own tradition-rich and thoughtfully made Kala Pata piece you will feel the same.


Please note when you order any Kala Pata item it will all be shipped from Singapore within 2 - 3 days (not from Bellevue, WA like other items). Also note NO ADDITIONAL shipping fees will be incurred if shipped to the USA. Shipments outside the USA will incur the standard $15 shipping fee. Each item is packaged in a Kala Pata luxury silk box. 


Happy shopping! Enjoy the all wanderlust and compliments your Kala Pata piece will evoke!


Images from Amreen's Singapore Window Project.


Explore and learn more about this marvelous eye-candy photo collection at Kala Pata.

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