Koh-i-noor Lacquer Box

Designer: Kala Pata




**Ships from Singapore**


This box/jewelry box was designed by Amreen, a talented graphic designer whose intricate, vibrant and exotic work I fell in love with on Instagram. The love ran so deep that I planned a trip to Singapore just to meet her and see her pieces in person. It is a privilege to offer parts of her exquisite Kala Pata collection to you.


This gorgeous hand crafted lacquer box is the perfect combination of exotic beauty and functional piece — also makes a unique gift for a loved one or a perfect for storing all your petite essentials. We particularly thing all your special jewelry from JJ Caprices will fit perfectly!


  • Lacquer finish 
  • The diameter of the Feroza box is 9" (23 cm) and comes in a box measuring L 9.5" x W 9.5" x H 4.5" (L 24 x W 24 x H 11 cm)  
  • Designed and handmade in Singapore
  • This item is handmade and any irregularities in colour and finish should not be considered as flaws but as characteristics of the artisan product.
  • Presented in a luxury silk box. 
  • Ships within 2 - 3 days from Singapore - No additional shipping fees and no custom duties will be incurred if shipped to the USA

Amreen's Samarkand collection takes its inspiration from the city of Samarkand which was at the heart of the Silk Route through Central Asia. The Silk Route was an ancient network of roads initially for trade but quickly became the beacon of cultural and artistic exchange between the West and the East.

**The additional pic I took with Amreen when she was showing me around Singapore. It is of Little India. I need to find a pic of her and I together at lunch. It was such a fun day.

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