All the Women that Inspired Me in Mexico *From My Personal Travel Blog*

Jennifer Jedda

Posted on March 09 2019

In January of 2019 I traveled to Mexico for a girlfriend's wedding. 

I stayed to curate pieces for the shop.

I capture in my *personal* travel blog the women who inspired me most, the cities that captivated me most and a personal experience that changed me most.

You will have to jump over to the my "One Girl's Adverntures" personal travel blog to finish the story, but it starts like this:



I have been there more times than I can count. I have lived there, studied there, fell in love with Spanish there (it became my minor in college because of a January I spent in Cuernavaca my freshman year…surprising to a young women who literally saw no use for the language prior to the trip), had my first kiss there, developed my passion for different cultures and traditions there, and learned my famous guacamole recipe there. 

Besides my home country, Mexico – its people, vibrancy, passion, religious devotion, complexity and simplicity – has been most responsible for shaping the woman who started this blog over 8 years and 51 countries ago (me!).

I went back to Mexico this past January because a dear friend invited me to her wedding in Cabo San Lucas (Note: It wasn’t a destination wedding, she and her now-hubby actually live there!). I usually go to Paris in January, but the promise of a sunset beach wedding with warm breezes, sand between my toes and a margarita in my hand definitely trumped the frozen tundra of Europe (albeit I did miss the Burgundy wines, crusty baguettes and my sweet friends).

This visit, like every visit to the neighboring country in the south, left an indelible imprint in my memories and on my heart. During the nearly 3 week visit, I traversed 6 cities and established many more meaningful, lasting connections with both locals and non-locals alike. 

While I likely have bitten off more than I can chew in recapping the entire trip in this one blog, I wanted to highlight the women I knew or met along the way that made my time extra special and inspiring (some of whom you can find their creations in my shop).

Here’s to them!   

**Reader’s Note: As a single woman there was, of course, a lovely local gentleman who made an impression more than most, and I will weave some of our tale into the photos below. However it isn’t one that ends happily…but, and I should know this by now, I suppose not all such stories are meant to end that way.**



Finish the Blog Here...

Shop the Special Curated Pieces from Many of the Women who Inspired me Here.

 **Note to Reader:  I believe this blog to be the longest I have ever written...there was a lot to capture. Read and enjoy what you want at will...discard the rest (it doesn't hurt my feelings). The pictures are nice though.

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