Hidden Treasures: Handmade Beaded Jewelry from Guatemalan Highlands

Jennifer Jedda

Posted on December 31 2018

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Tucked away in the small Guatemalan town of Panajachel, overlooking the pristine beauty of mountainous Lake Atitlán, a group of indigenous Mayan women combine color, imagination, and rich history in their original hand-beaded jewelry designs. If you can't pronounce Panajachel to save your life, don't worry: you don't need to speak Kaqchiquel in order to appreciate the vibrant, simple beauty of the necklaces, earrings, and other creations that come from hours of meticulous labor by the women of Posh Beaded Shop, a family-owned business. 

Lake Atitlán


The colors of the sunny agricultural town are bright, cheerful, and saturated, and the stunning jewelry made by these women reflects this local vivacity. The glass beads come in a wash of colors and the designs are surprisingly elegant and intricate in contrast to the rustic facilities in which they are made. There's no doubt that wearing one of these hand-made pieces will catch the light and brighten any outfit you wear, especially if you live in a city that happens to be a bit color averse (ahem, Seattle). Black and grey become the perfect backdrop to these delicate and festive accessories, which lend the perfect pop of color to an everyday outfit. 

These beaded treasures not only add vibrancy and whimsy to your jewelry collection, but also tell the story of heritage and tradition. They are sure to win compliments as well as spark some interesting conversations about their origin! We invite you to explore our collection!


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