A Year Without Clothes

Jennifer Jedda

Posted on August 29 2013

Ahhh, don't take me literally. I may have left out a verb.

Instead of "a year without clothes," I have committed to a year without buying clothes.

A little crazy? Perhaps. But one look at my closet you would understand this personal challenge.  Seriously, it is ridiculous.  I came home after nearly 2 years in Paris to find that my wardrobe filled 3 bedroom closets with little wiggle room to properly slide the hangers back and forth.  My minimalistic life abroad was soooo different. In my Parisian apartment I could only keep a small number of pants, skirts, shirts and sweaters so I became quite adept at creating new outfits with my limited choices.  Don't get me wrong, it was a delightful surprise to rediscover my "material" wealth back home (he he). But seeing the number of boutique wares that still had tags and designer pieces I had forgotten, I decided to take one year to explore and shop my own closet.  Don't worry, shoes, accessories, socks and undies are all still credit card candidates.

I am eights months into this 12 month challenge and doing quite well.  Uh...that is until I saw an elegant, striped, cotton maxi dress in the Tommy Bahama window on the way to the Apple store earlier this week. I am usually good at diverting my eyes while passing the shiny shop displays, but this time it was as if the sky opened and a beam of sunlight shone to spotlight a dazzling, wrinkle resistant, figure-flattering, floor touching, perfect dress.  I believe it was even whispering, "Jen. Jen. Give me good home." I did go over to touch it, try it, covet it....but I did not buy it. I still have not bought it.  I only have 4 months to go in this bizarre, self-imposed, torturous endeavor, and I am hoping the unknown gratification of accomplishment will supersede any known gratification of skipping home with a new, neatly wrapped dress tucked tightly under my arm. Time will tell.  

While I can't do Sound of Music twirls in my living room in a new dress, I can dream about it...and do.  I have even found myself indulging in ideas of what jewelry I would wear with it (I am quite love sick).  Anyway, these daydreams led me to the dream board I toiled over below.  It may be the only satisfaction I get as I try to rid her from my mind. Four months, Jen...just 4 months left

*sigh*  Just pleeaaasssee don't tell me if you buy the dress....

   Dress | Bracelet | Pashmina | Necklace | Ring | Cuff 

 "Glory lies in the attempt to reach one's goal and not in reaching it." - Mahatma Gandhi

Huh!? So is he saying I can buy it? :) :)



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