Dilemmas, Solutions and Provence

Jennifer Jedda

Posted on September 01 2013

I have a dilemma. 

I have a personal blog AND now I have a business blog.

Two blogs. One Jen. Interesting.

I have received varying opinions on what to do. One idea is to phase out my personal blog and record all my travel memoirs here. Okay, but I LUUUUV my little travel blog. For almost 3 years it is where I went to record epic travel moments, reflect on life lessons as well as stay connected with those I love. Not to mention the CAMEL. The idea of now letting the little camel in my logo ("Bon Bon" is her name, if you insist) trot off into the sunset may be a bit too much to bear. Another idea is to maintain both blogs - separate yet equal, ya know.  Hmmm, okay, but the same travel tale in two spots?! I can think of better ways to experience déjà vu.

To solve this "developed world" dilemma I hit the showers. Bizarre, I know, but something about being enveloped in warm, massaging waters lets my problem solving juices run free. The conclusion? Well, the solution is what I am going to experiment with today.  Since I am not ready for the "one girl" to hang up her stylish sneakers quite yet, I am going to continue to capture the bulk of my travel tales on my personal blog. I will, however, use this blog to alert you, my lovely reader, about particular stories that might pique your wanderlust! There is much power in a link!

As you may know I lived in Paris in 2011 and 2012. In June I went back for almost 3 weeks to walk the rues, dine with old friends and just BE in the city that captured my imagination and heart. My roommate while I lived in Paris was able to steal me away for a few days from the city I love to explore another beautiful part of France, Provence. I am quite happy she did!

Charming home in Châteauneuf-du-Pape


Pont d’Avignon


Vineyards in Provence


Oh, the doors of Provence!

Yesterday I was able to capture some of our moments in this sun kissed part of France as well as share a bunch more photos on, yep, the other blog!

Grab a glass of rosé, head over here and get lost in the small villages, coastal views and romantic settings that make this vacation spot one of the most popular in the world.  Read more...


P.S. If you have other ideas for balancing both of my blogs, I would love to hear your suggestion!  

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