My City: Milan, Italy with CEO & Founder of, Eliana

Jennifer Jedda

Posted on July 10 2015


From financial center to fashion center, Milan is one of Italy's most important metropolitan cities. It boasts a grand Gothic cathedral (the Duomo), a Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece (The Ten Commandments) and endless opportunities to eat the best of Lombard and Italian food.  While its veneer may be industrial and work-obsessed, the heart of Milan has a strong sense of its history and place. 

I have only visited this fair city during transit layovers, but it is clear from my interview with Eliana, a local and the founder of a global community for women called Pinktrotters, that next time I need to spend at least 48 hours in this one-time Imperial Roman capital

And before I have you dive into all of Eliana's 5 star recommends, I have to share one of the many reasons this woman is so amazing. Not only is she the CEO of a successful, unique, woman-centric company, she brought her vision to Shark Tank in Italy and got on the show! Seriously she is a woman after my own heart!

Brava, Eliana! Girl Power :).

Name: Eliana Salvi
Occupation: CEO & Founder of - Global Lifestyle Community of Women who meet and share exclusive moments, trips and girly-time opportunities.
Hometown: Milan, but currently I do not have one :-) I'm running between London and Milan


What is your favorite local hang out in Milan?

Deus Ex Machina, Isola Zone

What is the one thing first time visitors must-see in the city?

The Dome of Milan, going up the gothic roof and admiring the city from there. Really worth going. 

Milan Dome and the Pinktrotters during Milan Fashion Week

What is a place off the beaten path that you recommend visiting?

Piazza Gae Aulenti and the whole surrounding, the so called "New Milano" 

Where is the best place to go to get Italian pastries?

Pasticceria Sant'Ambroeus + Kevin & Victory's Bakery

What does your perfect day in the city always include?

A walk in Brera, Via Solferino and Via Fiori Chiari in particular. 

Where is the best place to go in Milan to get a culture fix?

Currently I suggest to go to Expo2015 (open from May till October) - there is the whole world culture to explore in just one location. 

Chateau Monfort 5 Stars Hotel breakfast and the Pinktrotters 

What is the one thing tourists always miss when they visit?

Piazza 24 Maggio, Navigli and Corso di Porta Ticinese. Newly renovated, it's really worth going explore the area and the big market open there along the Darsena (where the rivers end and form a small lake in the center of the city). 

What does the city pride itself on?

It is the fashion and economic capital of Italy. You cannot shop anywhere else better in Italy than in Milan and you can really meet beautifully dressed, elegant, open to new cultures people walking around, that makes the city more attracting also because of that. 

What would people be surprised to learn about Milan?

The real beauty of Milan is within the courtyards inside the historical buildings. From outside you cannot see them, but majority of palaces in the city have in their hearts beautiful yards with well curated vegetation. Try to get into some of them, you'll be surprised! 

The Yard Boutique Hotel - great hidden place for cocktails and the Pinktrotters aperitivo  

Where is your favorite place to eat?

Giacomo all'Arengario with the Dome view while eating superb traditional milanese food. If you want to discover more tips about Milan from international women always on the move point of view, just go on and look for "Milan" and pinktrot it! Enjoy it!


To learn more about Eliana and her global lifestyle community of women visit, and keep up with all their glamorous adventures by following Eliana on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.


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  • Eliana: July 15, 2015

    Thank you so much Jennifer!! This is so lovely of you! I’ll share the great article within my community, and I wait for you here in Italy again! :-) A big hug my dear! Eli

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