Authentic Italian Recipe: Bagna Cauda

Jennifer Jedda

Posted on July 09 2015

My family is Italian on my mom's side.  Specifically they are from Piemonte in the northern Italy, so I grew up enjoying a lot of the food traditions from this region. 

One of our staple meals during the holidays was a native Piemontese fondue of hot oil, garlic and anchovies called bagna cauda (which translates to "hot bath" in Italian). It was always served alongside an assortment of fresh cut veggies and, in our case, meat. Definitely not a dish for the faint of heart, but the perfect interactive meal. I have many memories of us gathered around a big pot of the bubbling sauce, each putting in our selected veggies and meats to cook in the anchovy and garlic rich brew. Vegetables like leeks and cabbage were coveted because they were best for scooping all the pureed goodness at the bottom. 

This bagna cauda recipe is most resembles the recipe that my mom makes. A tip my italian cousins would include - boil the garlic in milk first to cut down on its harsh, bitter taste.  

Make this for you next party.  I guarantee it will be a crowd pleaser...but maybe just don't tell them about all the anchovies. :)

Bon Appetite! 

Bagna Cauda 


*I had to include this image...and while it may keep you calm, I can't say the same for your breath. 

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