French Jewelry Designers We Admire

Jennifer Jedda

Posted on January 03 2015

From super affordable to more high end, we’ve selected some of our favorite French jewelry designers for you to discover! 


French Jewelry Designer #1

Atelier Godolé— This brand exemplifies turning family tradition into business, without losing the heart or personal touch of the craft. The two Godolé sisters, Alma and Mili, learned the technique of crocheting from their mother, Mia, a dressmaker. They say that they like crocheting because it is “simple, but allows us more freedom for improvising.”  The flowers in the pieces they make are so tiny, you truly wonder how they are able to sew so carefully. Luckily, they sent us some photos of the process, including this one of them sewing hand crocheted red flower earrings


French Jewelry Designer #2


Aurélie Bidermann— Gathering inspiration from her world travels, as well as from her home city of Paris, Aurélie Bidermann creates pieces full of splendor. She studied gemology and has been worn by celebrities like Sofia Coppola and Gwyneth Paltrow. This leafy gold bracelet, “central park cuff,” shows off the symbolism that influences her style and work. Though a French jewelry designer, she splits her time between Paris and New York, and you can access her pieces at various American department stores. 


French Jewelry Designer #3

Eric et Lydie— The husband (Eric Semain) and wife (Lydie Chabot) behind this brand come from northern France and are known for hand-making whimsical items, like this White Flower Burst Necklace. It’s hard to capture the precise delicacy of each of their pieces in a single photo, and yet it’s this femininity that we most admire about their gold and precious stone adornments. Housed in a shop in Paris, and with no online store available, JJ Caprices is proud to offer Eric et Lydie’s work to the U.S. market, where those who wear it can know it’s one-of-a-kind. 


French Jewelry Designer #4

Chanel— One of the most well-known and admired French designers, we too are under the Chanel spell. Pieces by the brand are something you dream of owning. In the 1930s Coco Chanel made costume jewelry (less expensive jewelry that complements a garment, rather than being a treasure you rarely wear) into a consumer must-have, a trend that has lasted. We particularly like the Chanel Camélia Galbé line, for the uniquely-shaped floral elements that are in every piece. A diamond highlights this white ceramic ring, and it exudes the elegance associated with Chanel. 


French Jewelry Designer #5

Satellite Paris— Sandrine Dulan and Daniel Ouaki, the founders of this brand, feel like kindred spirits of ours. While they traveled the world in the 1980s, they collected stones, antique jewelry, and other objects of beauty. Much like when Jen returned to the States to found JJ Caprices, Sandrine and Daniel returned to France and decided to start a jewelry business based off the mementos they gathered. We admire these French designers not only for the spirit of adventure they share with us, but also for how affordable they make their artisan-crafted pieces, like this Yoona Turquoise Bracelet.  

By Paige Lester


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