Gift Ideas for Your Wife

Jennifer Jedda

Posted on December 17 2014

Still wondering what to get your wife for Christmas? If you’re looking for gift ideas for a wife who loves fashion and travel, consider getting her some of the jewelry in our shop. Here’s a look at the details behind each of the pieces from our gift ideas for wives suggestions.  


Gift Ideas for Your Wife: A Treasure from Spain

Spanish designer DUBLOS has long been a favorite of the shop. Jen discovered them in 1995 when she lived in Sevilla, Spain. The founders, Jose Cumplido and Alonso Romero, create glamourous pieces inspired by whimsical elements of flamenco so every woman can experience some of its beauty in her daily life. 

Dublos Earrings, JJ Caprices

These colorful circle earrings are just one example of their high-fashion artistry. The vibrant hues and delicate floral pattern make them the first of our gift ideas for wives. These earrings will definitely not go unnoticed when your wife puts them on. They pair well with black dresses, which make the earrings pop with Spanish flair.  


Equally alluring are DUBLOS’s dazzling golden chandelier earrings, our second of our gift ideas for wives. Women who wear these will glow and shine as these earrings catch light from Christmas tree lights or candles. Buy these for your wife if she likes glitter, romantic details, or being admired for her fashion sense at holiday parties.  


Gift Ideas for Your Wife: Treasures from France

Bracelet by Satellite Paris

As we mentioned last week, Satellite is one of our favorite boutiques in Paris. This shana golden bracelet by Satellite features woven, pink silk and a polished bead with intricate detail. Delicate and delightful, buy this for your wife if she likes pastels, subtle jewelry, or unique Parisian gifts. 

Another option is the Satellite Montmarte golden bracelet. A little more showy that the first bracelet, your wife can wear this piece to parties and galas. Crafted like chain-metal, it is edgy, and will look gorgeous on your wife’s wrist.  


Finally, if you want to wow your wife with superior, handcrafted design, consider getting her this exquisite hand-crocheted flower and pearl necklace by Atelier Godolé. Started by the women of the Godolé family, crocheting and sewing is an intimate experience for each of the sisters who run it. Mothers in their family passed down these skills for generations before the women turned it into a business. Alma Godolé calls this ivory necklace “the most delicate and accomplished” of their pieces. 

If you need further suggestions, we are always here to help.  Email us at  We look forward to helping you find your wife a unique gift with a story from around the world.

Happy Holidays!

By Paige Lester

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