My 5 Favorite Travel Destinations…So Far

Jennifer Jedda

Posted on June 02 2014

Yesterday I challenged myself by putting pen to paper (er, fingers to keyboard?!) to answer one of the most popular questions I get about my travels, "So where has been your favorite place to visit?"

Usually when I hear that question I feel like responding with, "Uh, do you ask a mom to name her favorite child?"

But yesterday I did it! I threw aside any feelings of overwhelmment and tackled the daunting task...which frankly didn't turn out to be so daunting. The 5 destinations I chose are stand outs for so many reasons, and I think you will agree.

Make the jump over to my personal travel blog, One Girl's Adventures, to take the journey...and then let me know what your favorite travel destination is!  It might just end up on my travel list...and then, who knows, on my "favorites so far" list!

Me in Djenné, Mali....yep, it is on the list!

If you just want to shop the destinations versus read about them, that is a fine way of discovery as well :).  This is for you then:

Enjoy "My 5 Favorite Travel Destinations...So Far" and look forward to learning about yours!


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