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Jennifer Jedda

Posted on May 21 2014

Paris is magic. The quaint cobble stone streets are magic. The Tour de Eiffel when it sparkles at night is magic. The baguettes are magic (it is the most amazing disappearing act whenever I get one). But it is true, magic can be found on most corners in the City of Light and it is easy to see why greatest artists, writers and other luminaries have found inspiration to create in this beautiful city.

Magical Paris

Magical Paris

On my most recent trip to Paris, I found yet more magic in the stunning handmade crocheted jewelry collection by the women of the Godolé family.  The delicacy, intricacy and uniqueness of their pieces were breathtaking, and Alma, one of the sisters who does the crochet work along side their mom, was wonderfully charming. There was no question that the Godolé girls would be making some of their one of a kind pieces for the shop!


Hand Crotched Necklace by Atelier Godolé

Upon receiving the meticulously made necklaces and earrings, I wanted to learn even more about this family of women who was committed to creating using this "ancestral" tradition. The following is information Alma shared as well as photos she sent illustrating the detailed work each piece undergoes:

Can you share more info about AG and your family?

Atelier Godolé is a family story of collaboration between a mother and her two daughters. For two years, we have been working together to design unique jewels, entirely hand-made. And despite the different types of experiences, we unite in a world of threads and hooks.

My mother, Mia, a dressmaker, was taught to crochet, knitting and embroidery by her mother, using the traditional craft technique of the Mediterranea.

Mili, my sister and interior designer, was so little and her feet could barely touch the power pedal of the sewing machine when she customized her own clothes and created shoulder bags for her sisters.

Before establishing Atelier Godolé, I studied History of Arts at Sorbonne University and worked for Parisian art galleries and advertising.

Hand Crotching by Atelier Godolé

 What was the inspiration to start AG?

We always used to create and personalize our own clothes, purses etc. The evolution to jewelry design came naturally to us. We were working on a necklace. Working with six hands instead of two was a rewarding experience and we thought to keep it going as a family. We chose crochet because there is a very intimate connection between it and home. The technique is simple but it allows us more freedom for improvising.

             Hand Crotching by Atelier GodoléHand Crotching by Atelier Godolé 

Can you share a little about the design and creation process of each piece?

Generally, before the work starts we draw a preliminary sketch of the design. At times there is a moment of sudden inspiration, but more often it is a more balanced approach. After completing the parts in crochet, we then use needlework to bring everything together. The time it takes to make a piece depends on its complexity. For example, each little flower takes about 12 minutes.

Hand Crotching by Atelier Godolé

 What do you, your sister and mom like to do in your free time?

We like to read, go to exhibitions, cinema, nature walking... every activity to recharge the creative spirit.

What is your vision for AG in the future…collaborations, expansion?

We have an interesting project for the future… collaboration with a well-known brand, which we hope, will be positive... We will talk about it later... (note from Jen - Oh, I can't wait to hear about this!!)

Do you have a favorite piece?

We like all of our pieces we create. (laugh) But the collection with flowers and beads is for us the most delicate and accomplished.

Hand Crotched Necklace by Atelier Godolé

Exquisite Hand Crocheted Flower and Pearl Necklace by Atelier Godolé

Frankly each piece made by Atelier Godole is accomplished.  Such craftsmanship and talent is a treasure...and the fact that it results in a wearable treasure is a even a bigger treat.

Explore their entire collection in the shop here and get caught up in a little of this magic from Paris!


 Hand Crocheted Flower Earrings

 Hand Crocheted Flower Earrings

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