DUBLOS - High Fashion Spanish Jewelry from Sevilla, Spain (that are Ridiculously Amazing)

Jennifer Jedda

Posted on April 28 2014

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As you know, I only select the extraordinary from our world for the shop. This means I am surrounded daily by handcrafted work that literally sends tingles up my spine, yet even amongst all this beauty there are pieces that sometimes illicit even a deeper response of admiration and sheer giddiness when I look upon them. The mesmerizing creations of the design house DUBLOS in Sevilla, Spain fall into that category.

Dublos Spanish Jewelry

A glimpse of the Spanish drama captured by design house, Dublos.


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High Fashion Jewelry: 

The works of DUBLOS first captured my attention back when I did a semester abroad in Sevilla, Spain with the University of Wisconsin Platteville (wasn't my university, but I liked their program and my credits would transfer). The famous Spanish department store, El Corte Inglés, carried the marca, and while browsing the store one afternoon after class I was literally stopped in my tracks by the colors, details and materials of all the earrings, necklaces, bracelets and hair combs in the display cases. As a student I wasn't quite able to afford the pesetas noted on the price tag, but I wrote the name in my journal so that I remembered to find it again one day....and I did in 2008.

La Giralda

This is one of Sevilla’s most famous and important landmarks, La Giralda.  It is the bell tower of the Catedral de Sevilla, the 3rd largest church in the world and the largest Gothic cathedral.

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History of Spanish Jewelry by DUBLOS:


The designers and founders of DUBLOS, Jose Cumplido and Alonso Romero, grew up in Palma del Rio in the Cordoba provence of southern Spain. The agricultural lifestyle of the village was conservative and concrete so Jose and Alonso, being more fashion/design minded, looked to the arts, interior design and painting to develop their creativity.  By the end of the 1970s they had inserted themselves in the bottom levels of the fashion world with the idea that they would learn every aspect of the industry.

1983 was a "emblematic" year for the duo as this was the year they would first present their interpretation of flamenco fashion jewelry to the world. They created pieces inspired by the traditional folk dance and music of Andalusia that were exceptionally emotional, imaginative and progressive, and called these new interpretations "Alta Bisuteria" or High Fashion Costume Jewelry.  Creating each piece meticulously themselves and selling directly to their consumers allowed them to quickly see the acceptance and potential for their work.

As they became more well known, they created the official brand, DUBLOS Complementos SC, at the end of the 1990s in  Sevilla, Spain (around the time I discovered them!). Today their extraordinary work can be found in 20 countries and they have collaborated with great firms in the fashion world. In the USA there are only 2 shops that carry DUBLOS, and JJ Caprices is one of them!  I am quite proud of this!

High Fashion Accessories

Beautiful Flamenco Dresses in a shop in Sevilla.


DUBLOS Spanish Jewelry

Many pieces of turquoise stone make up these brilliant DUBLOS Spanish jewelry earrings.


DUBLOS ambition has always been to reinvent traditional flamenco accessories to capture its romanticism and fantasy so that woman can incorporate its glamour into their daily lives.  In doing this, passion has been the fundamental element of design. And for 25 years, they have harnessed passion along with imagination and talent to create truly wearable works of art. Only the finest materials - Swarovski cyrstal, Mother-of-Pearl, Coral and Turquoise natural stones - are used in their collections. 

High Fashion Spanish Jewelry Dublos

One of my personal favorites by DUBLOS in the shop! High Fashion Jewelry at its best!


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Each high fashion jewelry piece by DUBLOS captures the essence of "una mujer universal" - beauty, sensuality and elegance. Something special will happen each time you wear one of these exquisite, unique pieces...I can almost guarantee. 

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Explore our current collection of these special Spanish jewelry pieces in the shop, and fall under their spell. I have several pairs of earrings that I wear with jeans or glammed up a bit for a night out...always stunning, and more important, I love how I feel in them.  I think you will too.


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    Hi Amal, Yes you can find Dublos in Barcelona!! Have fun there! J

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    Can I find Dublos jewelry in barcelona?

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