Southeast Asia Treasures Holiday Package

Designer: JJ Caprices Bazaar

Vietnam and Thailand

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The Story

This package gives a little taste of what is fun and unique to discover in Southeast Asia. 

 1) Reclaimed and Hand Carved Horn Earring from Vietnam -

These unique and eye-catching horn earrings are completely made from organic horns! Everything about it is handmade in Vietnam and you’d be happy to know that no harm was done to the animals in the process. The animals from which they come, water buffaloes and cows, are common domestic animals in the country whose economy was originally agrarian. The bones and horns come from animals that died naturally after a productive life of work in the fields. Celebrate them and the artisans who meticulously crafted these earrings by enhancing your favorite outfit with these special one of a kind accessories.

  • 2.25"L X 1.5"W
  • Pierced Earrings
  • Organic water buffalo/cow horn - No animals harmed to create
  • Handmade in Vietnam
  • NOTE: If you prefer another pair of earrings from this collection, just let me know....find them here "Collection from Vietnam"

2) Colorful Elephant Key Curated in Thailand

  • 9"L x 2.5" Wide
  • Has a little bell inside the elephant so it makes a little jingle sound when in motion. :)