Smaller Birds and Etched Flower Frida Kahlo Earrings

Designer: Flor Gutierrez Pacheco


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The Story

These intricate silver filigree earrings were handmade by a lovely woman I met in Oaxaca, Mexico named Flor. She brought me to her house to share how she makes her jewelry designs. She was taught by her parents and is one of 10 children.  

  • 3” L x 1.25" W
  • Made with .925 sterling silver (stamped) 
  • Hook pierced back with latch
  • Handcrafted in Oaxaca, Mexico 

 ** The extra picture is of Flor and I at her home and workshop. 

Work in filigree is very traditional to this part of Mexico and was brought to Mexico by the Spanish after the conquest. Flor takes silver threads and coils them into intricate designs. Accessories like these silver filigree earrings were favorites of Frida Kahlo, the famous surrealist painter, and often part of her traditional Tehuana attire which is from a region in the state of Oaxaca.

My favorite part of this earring is the seemingly etched flower and heart detail on the dangling plate at the bottom of the earrings. So. Much. Detail.