Silver Passerinette Necklace by CLO&LOU

Designer: CLO&LOU


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The Story

A harmony of textures and materials makes this necklace that was handmade with stunning details in France standout and unique. The designer, Bénédicte, from the quaint seaside town of Cap Ferret (close to the Bordeaux region) works and reworks her designs until they are a perfect representation of fantasy, visual poetry and harmony.  She employees master artisans in Bali to craft the intricate .925 silver elements of her pieces. Their work is so fine that these details look as if they are woven. We swoon over all of the delicate features of her work, and know you will too! 

  • 16.5" Long 
  •  .925 Sterling silver chain and rings, woven silver cord
  • Designed by CLO&LOU
  • Handmade in France

* The first additional picture is of the designer and creator, Bénédicte, and a symbol of one of her inspirations. The second is a pic of me during my first visit to Cap Ferret enjoying delicious fresh oysters (Cap Ferret produces 10% of the oysters in France!) and local white wine at the charming Le Bouchon restaurant next to the bay.