Mother of Pearl and Lacquer Cuff - Lunar

Designer: Minh in Hoi An


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The Story

This cuff is absolutely one of a kind, and was handcrafted in a small artisan village north of Hanoi. To create it takes a 5 step process that lasts over 15 days. The cuff is formed first. After a pattern is created on it with inlayed mother of pearl or eggshell. Next a number of layers of lacquer is painted on the piece of wearable art. Each layer must be completely dry before the next layer is applied. Depending on the weather, this step can take the most time in the process. The fourth step is to do the "grinding" which gives it its one of a kind design and look. Finally each cuff is polished to its glossy finish. 

I found this exception statement piece in Hoi An in Minh's shop. His dad originally made these pieces for his shop, but because of the labor intensity of the pieces they moved the craft to be done by artisans in a traditional village.  Seeing them the first time absolutely took my breath away. Special and spectacular...much like the country they are from!

  • 1.5"W and 2.25"W from side to side
  • One Size Fits Most - Very Durable 
  • Molded Plastic Cuff with Hand Inlaid Mother of Pearl and Colored Lacquered
  • Handmade in Vietnam

 * The additional pic is one of Minh in his shop in Hoi An with some of the beautiful cuffs. The other is a picture of Ancient Town Hoi An...which I took while drinking a mango smoothie in some of the most extreme heat I have ever experienced.