Moss GreenCrystal Beads and Embroidered Heart Stretch Bracelet

Designer: Gaby Vilchiz


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The Story

The brilliant charm of this hand embroidered and crystal embellished bracelet made in Oaxaca City, Mexico is how it harmoniously blends traditional and contemporary styles. The idea behind this artful piece, designed by local Oaxacana Gabriela Vilchiz, is to highlight the magical, time-honored artistic work of the local women yet present it to the modern day woman in a way that she can adapt it to her wardrobe and lifestyle.

This bracelet is a statement piece and one of a kind. The compliments won't stop. Get ready! 

  • One Size fits all
  • Embroidered in the style of Tuxtepec and Tehuantepec, Embellished with crystal and brass beads
  • Hand embroidered in Oaxaca, Mexico 
  • Designed by Gaby Vilchiz

 ** Of the extra pictures one is of the charming streets in the center of Oaxaca City (the city were I curated this amazing necklace). Another is of Gabriela's boutique in Oaxaca City and one of the artisans of these folkloric inspired necklaces, Rosy.