Hand Woven Colorful Tassel Earrings

Designer: Hmong Artisans


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The Story

These unique earrings were made by a Hmong woman artisan in Laos. Hmongs are an important ethnic group in Laos. Traditionally they use embroidery as a form of decoration on clothing to make it bright and beautiful.  While theses earrings aren't embroidered they do illustrate the magic the Hmong's work with thread. This colorful earring was hand woven over a paper base. A beautiful silk thread tassel was added for fun and flirty movement. 

  • 2.5" Long
  • French Hook
  • Cotton and Silk thread

 * The additional pics show 1) me with a Hmong mom and her daughter. The daughter had a basket full of snails she collected in the rice fields and the mom a basket full of grass.  We were all waiting to cross a bridge together. 2) A local woman in her conical hat just headed back to her village near the bigger town of Vang Vieng