Embroidered and 5 Strand Glass Bead Necklace - Blue

Designer: Kamu Artisans


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The Story

These one-of-a-kind necklace was handmade by a Kamu artisan. Kamus are an important ethnic group in Laos. Every element was hand assembled with the crowning element being the intricate embroidery work at the top. This unique piece will become a favorite.

  • 19" Long
  • 5 Rows of Glass Beads and hand embroidery 
  • Necklace comes packaged in special bamboo envelope with attached hand embroidered heart
  • Scale shot shows the same necklace in a different color

 * The additional pics show 1) me with a Hmong mom and her daughter (another ethnic group in Laos). The daughter had a basket full of snails she collected in the rice fields and the mom a basket full of grass.  We were all waiting to cross a bridge together. 2) A local woman in her conical hat just headed back to her village near the bigger town of Vang Vieng