Balinese Sterling Silver and 18K Gold Hoop Earrings

Designer: Sari Dewi - Celuk


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The Story

These elegant hoop earrings represents the tradition of Balinese expertise in both silver and gold work. It has been master crafted in the village of Celuk which is world renowned for both its silver and gold smithing. The gold detail is a sheet of 18K gold that has been expertly added to the sterling silver molded work. It is literally a piece of wearable art.

  • 1.5" in Diameter
  • .925 Silver and 18K Gold
  • Handcrafted by master silversmiths is Celuk, Bali, Indonesia

Like most of my curating expeditions, I knew only generally about the artisan talents that I would likely find in this Hindu dominated island. Bali is known for its exceptional silver and gold work, but I didn't know where on the island or if once I had landed I would have the opportunity to find the best that Bali had to provide. Shortly after arriving multiple locals told me I must visit the silver/gold smith town of Celuk to find the heart of the jewelry artisan tradition on the island.  Almost all the families have members who are skilled as well as have an artful soul to develop the wearable art accessories famous to this village.

**The additional pics show one of Celuk's master silver smiths working on the details of a piece of jewelry. The women are noted for their detail work and the men for creating the basics of the pattern. The second is an image of me with the lovely Balinese woman who welcomed me and showed me all this medium silver and gold shop had to offer. Enjoy this special piece created by some of the best on the planet in this craft.