Sicilian Beaded and Pink Crystal Necklace by A'BIDDIKKIA

Designer: A'biddikkia


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The Story

Sometimes a piece in my shop doesn't have the most compelling story. Sometimes it is just something that captures my eye and imagination while strolling the cobblestone streets of some magnificent part of our world.  This wonderful, breezy necklace by a Sicilian designer named A'Bibbikkia is one of those pieces.   Walking the street of Ortigia, the old city of Siracusa in Sicily, the store windows of this Sicilian-made designer absolutely intrigued me. The first day I went in to the small boutique to learn more about her and her pieces, and the second day I went back to buy myself a dress and 3 of her handmade necklaces for the shop.  I think they are the perfect summer accessory...and I think you will think the same too!  

  • 17.5"L with 2" Adjustable chain
  • Lobster Clasp
  • Hand strung white resin beads with grosgrain white ribbon, decorated with hand strung white bead tassels and clear and pink glass crystal accents. 
  • Hand made in Sicily
  • Designed by A'Biddikkia

**The additional photo I took on Ortigia during my stay on this wonderful, historical island next to Siracusa, Sicily. For more information about my time on Oritigia, feel free to jump over to my personal travel blog