Embroidered Silk Earrings - Azul

Designer: Hmong Artisans


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The Story

These unique earrings were made by a Hmong woman artisan in Laos. Hmongs are an important ethnic group in Laos. Traditionally they use embroidery as a form of decoration on clothing to make it bright and beautiful.  From a young age, Hmong girls learn how to sew and copy motifs from their mothers and grandmothers. As they grow older, the embroidery skills that the girls acquire through their female elders serve to make them more attractive marriage partners. Girls with impressive embroidery skills are admired for their potential ability to sew beautiful clothes for their future husband and family members.

These beautiful earrings are a sample of the detailed embroidery skills at which these women excel. The delicate silk canvas only adds to the one-of-a-kind specialness that these earrings exude.  

  • ~2" Long
  • Sterling Silver French Hook
  • Silk and Thread
  • Earrings come packaged in special bamboo envelope with attached hand embroidered heart
  • Scale shot shows the same style of earring in a different color pattern

 * The additional pics show 1) me with a Hmong mom and her daughter. The daughter had a basket full of snails she collected in the rice fields and the mom a basket full of grass.  We were all waiting to cross a bridge together. 2) A local woman in her conical hat just headed back to her village near the bigger town of Vang Vieng