Guatemalan Handwoven Scarf - Red

Designer: Kaqchikel Mayan Women


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The Story

Using time-honored methods passed down through generations, this scarf was handmade in a community along the shores of the stunning Lake Atitlan. Guatemala is know for its vibrant and superb textiles, and this brilliant scarf is a superb example. It was created by the woman of a female-run weaving co-op. Twenty Kaquchikel Mayan women participate in this co-op and the profits go directly to support their family and community.  Each scarf takes 3 days to make, weaving 5 hours each day on a back strap loom.  

  • 70" L x 16.5" W
  • Made of cotton (with elements of silk and "brillante" or shiny threads)
  • Called "Chalinas de Seda con Brillante" in Spanish
  • Hand wash in cold water
  • Handwoven in Guatemala
  • Modeled by fashion blogger, Melanie Pires of Petite Moda

** The additional photos are of Lake Atitlan and another with me and a couple of cute hostesses during my stay near Lake Atitlan!