Luxe Handwoven Cashmere Pashmina - Cream

Designer: Handwoven in Kashmir


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The Story

This pashmina is different from our other solid colored pieces because it is handwoven using a finer (thinner) wool from the goat.  The wool collected from the goats neck is cleaned, naturally dyed and then handwoven into the spectacular piece displayed here. The finer wool requires more delicacy in handling of the thread and weaving of the pashmina, but adds an even more luxurious texture and feel.

  • Size: 28"Wx80"L
  • 100% Cashmere Wool
  • Handwoven in Srinagar, Kashmir - located in a valley in Northern India that is surrounded by the Himalayas on all sides.

The cashmere wool is gathered by hand and then completely handwoven (thread and pashmina). This creation took over 20 days to create!  

This pashmina is truly a spectacular creation from a unique part of our world, and it will feel like you are wearing a cloud.

For the whole story of our cashmere click here.

More About Where We Found Our Cashmere:

One of the cities that makes India so magical is Udaipur in the state of Rajasthan. During my 5 days in this mystical city on a lake I was captivated by the stories of the Maharanas who ruled this once Mewar empire and the sunsets.  Each afternoon I would walk through the City Palace courtyard towards my favorite terrace to witness the sky turn brilliant shades of orange as the sun set over the Lake Palace in the distance.  In route, without fail, I would get sidetracked at a little cashmere shop within the palace walls. It is here I met my friend, Ravi, and was introduced to the exquisite pashminas his family creates.

Ravi and his family are from Kashmir, India.  They have been hand-weaving cashmere pashminas for years, and today pride themselves in the fact that they provide cashmere to the current Maharana as well as export their exquisite product all over the world. 

These woven works of art are so soft they feel like butter and are available to you here under our private label.

*I included additional photos of the cashmere goats, the women of Kashmir doing their pashmina craft and a photo of one of those spectacular sunsets I would witness each evening in Udaipur (it still enraptures me).