Mini-Escape Recommendations While We All "Shelter at Home"

Jennifer Jedda

Posted on March 20 2020

(Hard to believe this picture was taken only about a month ago when the world was so different. Photo is of me in my hotel in Cartagena, Colombia)


Here in the shop we are trying to add more *happy* to your life as we all navigate this these unsettled times.  

With that in mind, I decided to do something that I hope sparks just that.

 For the coming days this is what I plan to do: 

* I will post a mini-escape recommendation everyday on Facebook, on Instagram stories and HERE. Scroll below to see the recommendations to date. I hope to share enjoyable and enriching ideas to explore during our "shelter at home" time.

*PLUS everyday I will add TWO or More special artisan treasures marked 25% OFF to help you keep your *glow* on (You can find me daily doing a Facebook LIVE showing these off).

Email recaps will go out twice a week through March 31st. 

Stay Healthy. Stay Glowing. Stay Strong. And let's *Glow Strong* together so we can get to the other side of this crisis. 

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Mini-Escape Ideas. Here we go!

Mini-Escape Idea Day 15

Since we are all cooking a lot more at home, I wanted to share one of my favorite comfort food recipes that is also healthy! It is a turkey and zucchini meatloaf
called "Not Your Mama's Meatloaf." I use to make it all the time for my now ex-husband, and I brought the recipe out today to make for a friend whose birthday is tomorrow (he too loves this meatloaf).

I no longer could find the recipe online so I retyped it out for you here: Not-Your-Mama's-Meatloaf Recipe



Mini-Escape Idea Day 14

This day I took my own mini-escape and didn't post an official one. It was Sunday after all.

However, Sunday is also the day that one of my favorite television show airs on TLC, "90 Day Fiancé." It is a show about couples who find love with partners in other countries and are either working to get the K-1 visa to bring them to the USA to marry them or are with their newly-arrived foreign partner in the USA and have started the 90 day K-1 process. 

If you are looking for a little reality-tv drama that also includes some cultural aspects, it is a fun escape. 



Mini-Escape Idea Day 13

With all the home schooling, quarantined family time, virtual happy hours and just plain old coping rituals going on right now, I am certain you have one or two extra wine corks lying around. :)

With that and my family's tradition to mark events and trips with a Christmas ornament in mind, I went searching for DIY wine cork ornament ideas. Why not *MAKE* an adorable ornament to "mark the moment" of this remarkable time in history...and how you got through it.  

Here were some fun ideas and blogs with pictures I found. If you decide to make one, PLEASE post your creation and tag me!!



Mini-Escape Idea Day 12

Are you out of Netflix series to binge on (like me)? Than you may love this news! Season 3 of the crime drama, Ozark, was just released TODAY (Friday, March 27)!

Let me recommend adding Reeces Pieces and/or M&Ms to your *hot* salted popcorn. Enjoy sweet melted candy centers with those salty kernels. Trust me, you will thank me.


Mini-Escape Idea Day 11

*Me* reading a short story on my daily Facebook LIVE. 

I searched all day for a short story to share! It was my first time doing something like this (besides the reading-a-paragraph-out-loud-in-class-era which was circa middle school life)!

The short story I read, "In the Spring" by Guy de Maupassant, plus other short stories can be found here:




Mini-Escape Idea Day 10

I believe it was when I was in second grade that my teacher would have us sit at our desks with our heads down after the lunch recess to listen to vintage radio mystery episodes. I use to LOVE them. Being nostalgic today I googled to see if there were episodes online and I found this CBS Radio Mystery Theater site that shares a plethora of recorded episodes from 1974.

Make some popcorn, grab the family and gather around the laptop, you're in for a frighteningly delightful treat! 👻




Mini-Escape Idea Day 9

Go for a hike in nature (it is what got me through today).

The above image is of me trekking in Dogon Country in Mali, West Africa back in 2010.



Mini-Escape Idea Day 8

Wanna learn some new skills *fast*? Here's an article that shares secrets on how to do learn 18 different skills in 10 minutes or less!

Tips to fold clothes in seconds, comfortably pack everything in your suitcase, pick the freshest strawberry and juiciest orange, unsend emails in Google, keep your pizza crust crispy when you reheat it and fall asleep faster are some of the topics covered.

By tomorrow you should be able to speed read this blog 😆 (that is one of the skills covered too).



Mini-Escape Idea Day 7

**It was Sunday, so I took a day off...which I suppose is also a good mini-escape suggestion: Don't hesitate to give yourself permission to *not* do anything.**




*AWESOME* Mini-Escape Idea Day 6
This could be one of the *coolest* FREE opportunities I have seen ever! I am already signed up. And the best part so far (cuz I really have just done the 1 minute intro video...I was so excited about it I wanted to make sure you all knew about it ASAP), is that you are called a "Yale Student." It is already generating much happiness in my daily life!
I hope you can join me and do this FREE course too. I cannot wait to see what we learn! Find it HERE.




Mini-Escape Idea Day 5

We are headed into our first weekend of not being able to put on our cutest dresses, most sparkly earrings and hit the town with partners and friends. *sob*

But my girlfriend, Katherine, gave me the idea for today's mini-escape: A Virtual Happy Hour!

And as it turns out, my friends in Paris did one yesterday, and they posted the image of all of them at "happy hour" on Facebook (it made me miss them all!).

So I went to google today to find a good "guide" on having a virtual happy hour, and I found a great one in the New York Times.

I have attached it for you here:…/well/virus-virtual-happy-hour.html

Details that stuck out to me:

1) Make your happy hour intimate in numbers so everyone has a chance to participate in conversation.
2) Get dressed up! It is an excuse to wear more than mascara.
3) Facetime, Skype and Zoom are good technology options for virtual happy hour.
4) Set a start and end time...but if everyone is enjoying conversation feel free to let the enjoyment continue.
5) Decide on fun food and drink

Hope you all have a chance to do this! I can't wait my friends and I give it a go!

Stay healthy. Stay glowing. Stay strong. *Glow Strong*



Mini-Escape Day 4

One of my friends and photographers, Jenna Lynn (on instagram @jennalynnphotog) shared this on her Instagram story! I haven't signed-up yet, but will totally give it a try. Passing it on to you now too.

"For a 7-day free trial, viewers can log onto and access a wide catalog of classic and new musicals, including Cats, The King and I, and Sound of Music. The platform also features recent performances of shows like Kinky Boots and 42nd Street.

After the free trial, viewers can continue to use the site for a reasonable $8.99 a month. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone who saw the recent movie adaptation of Cats to go back to the original Andrew Lloyd Webber stage productions."




Mini-Escape Day 3

Something I do when I want to relax is go to my favorite meditation guide on YouTube, Pura Rasa. I found her several years ago when I was going through a traumatic break-up and I could not calm my mind, particularly at bedtime. Listening to her sleep meditations at night was one of the important tools that helped me get through it. Since then I continue to listen to her myriad of meditations (usually the ones that help manifest love 😁). She recently recorded a 15 minute stress mediation. She writes:

"This is an effective, quick stress relief guided meditation. Please sit back, relax and just follow the guidance which is simple but very effective. Calm mind means strong immune system, better decision making. Be well and happy, Pura Rasa"

Enjoy....and stay strong. Glow Strong. J



Mini-Escape Day 2

What could be more comforting than the smell of baking chocolate chip cookies 🍪 mom's Toll House Pie. It is like a big chocolate chip cookie that you get to put ice cream on!

I am sharing the laminated copy she made for me of the pie that I grew up on!

Let me know if you make it...or if you have questions on best practices. I am an expert!


Mini-Escape Day  1 Movie Recommendation: Sliding Doors starring Gwyneth PaltrowFor years this romantic comedy has been my favorite movie! I love how the film alternates between two storylines showing the difference her life path took only because she made or missed a train (I also loved in one life path she opened her own business).


Little known Jen factoid: I got the same hair cut as Gwyneth's character in the movie because I was that obsessed!

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