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Jennifer Jedda

Posted on October 23 2016

Written by:  PJ Valenciano


The only way to get around the Heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - the ubiquitous motorbike. 

Forty years after the carnage and destruction of an epoch-defining conflict, Vietnam is resolutely a nation, not a war, in the eyes of the world. Self-confident and fast-developing, its progress is all-evident in the country's booming metropolises. Vietnam's allure is easy to appreciate (and something of a history lesson) as ancient, labyrinthine trading quarters of still-thriving craft industries are juxtaposed with grand colonial mansions from the French era, all overseen from the sky bars of 21st-century glass-and-steel highrises.”

- Iain Stewart, Lonely Planet

Chill Sky Bar - Saigon

View of Saigon from the chic and famous Chill Skybar on Jen's first and last day in Saigon

Rewind to one of the MasterChef Seasons, when Gordon Ramsay challenged the home cook 2013 contestants to make a Vietnamese Cuisine particularly a Hu Tieu. According to Ramsay, it is one of the most remarkable cuisines that he tasted during his visit in Vietnam for an episode of Gordon’s Great Escape in 2011. Well, he is not the only one who thinks that the Vietnam cuisine is so. Even American Chef, Anthony Bourdain feels the same way. Now, if you watch Top Gear, when Clarkson, May and Hammond hosted the show, you’d perhaps seen their special episode set in Vietnam where the three hosts rode the proverbial motorcycle around the country. As the trio did so, their team captured in film the people, culture and landscape that makes this country a wonderful and beautiful tourist destination!

Vietnamese Artisan


A lovely Vietnamese artisan selling her wares on the streets of Saigon


During Jen’s trip to Asia the summer of 2016, Vietnam was one of her anticipated destinations. And though her planned 12 day stay was sadly cut short, as always our founder brought home wonderful travel mementos for the shop!

Ladies, feast your eyes on these unique artisan made animal horn jewelry curated in Ho Chin Minh City:

Horn Necklace


Treasures from Vietnam Horn Chain Necklace I $125.00

Ho Chi Minh City is one of the busiest places in Vietnam but interesting nonetheless. Travelers will be awed by the fusion of culture and modern living with which the city pulsates. Tucked away in the busy streets of District 1 Area is the Duy Tan Saigon Artisan Shop where Jen discovered this lovely long horn necklace. Apart from local handmade jewelry, the shop also sold local lacquerwares and ceramic items!

Horn Jewelry EarringsT

Treasures from Vietnam Horn Earrings I $65.00

Would you think these earrings are made of organic horns? Plus they are 100% handmade, and you’d be happy to know that no harm was done to the animals in the process.Horn Jewelry Earrings

Treasures from Vietnam Horn Earrings I $65.00

The animals from which these come, water buffaloes and cows, are common domestic animals in Vietnam, a country whose economy was originally agrarian. The bones and horns come from animals that died naturally after a productive life of work in the fields. Horn Necklace

Treasures from Vietnam Horn Chain Necklace I $125.00

From an agrarian economy, Vietnam shifted to a service economy and has been one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. To date, over 7 million tourists flock to Vietnam giving a major boost to the country’s economy at every level, like for artisans who make jewelry pieces like these.  

Horn Jewelry Earrings

Treasures from Vietnam Horn Earrings I $65.00

The US ranks 4th in the Vietnam’s visitor index. Now, if you can’t for some reason book a vacation to Vietnam, you can wear these fabulous earrings to give your ensemble an exotic feel that’s reminiscent of the country. The details are impeccable and we can’t still believe that these are handmade!

Horn Jewelry Earrings Treasures from Vietnam Horn Earrings I $65.00

Every visitor wants to take a piece of Vietnam with them. The form may differ from one person to the other from photos to tangible items. Apart from the memories, cultural and traditional pieces such as these earrings are a great keepsake (and fashionable to boot!) to be reminded that such places do exist!



Creative Commons/ Flickr: Hanoi, Vietnam by Gavin Firkser

Have you ever been to Vietnam? What tokens did you bring home to remind you of your travel? Share your story with us!

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