Our Favorite DUBLOS Earrings for Fall

Jennifer Jedda

Posted on September 25 2016

Written by PJ Valenciano


Each high fashion jewelry piece by DUBLOS captures the essence of "una mujer universal" - beauty, sensuality and elegance. Something special will happen each time you wear one of these exquisite, unique pieces...I can almost guarantee.”

- Jen, JJ Caprices 



Jewelry is an art form for both the maker and wearer. The wearing of body ornaments is nothing new; in fact body adornments have always been part of human civilization and unlike articles of clothing, jewelry are more personal in a sense that we associate meanings to them.

More than the fact that they make us look fabulous, a piece of jewelry can represent a feeling, a milestone in one’s life or even a tradition.  That is what’s so amazing about DUBLOS because their designs are more than “haute couture”. Their collection of vibrant jewelry are deeply rooted in Spanish tradition, highly influenced by the Flamenco. Every pair of earrings from DUBLOS evoke the  romanticism, fantasy and fiery of the Flamenco dancer while bringing glamour and history to everyday modern life.

As we bid farewell to summer, capture the essence of fall by updating your jewelry collection with our favorite DUBLOS earrings based on Pantone’s Fall Report 2016. Add “passion” and “harmony” to your overall look.

These earrings will surely give an edge to your fall outfit with all the layerings that’s going around!

Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2016

Fall Color: Riverside

Riverside Pantone Color

“The mosaic of colorful strass beads and stones makes them literally a feast for the eyes.”



Fall Color: Airy Blue

Pantone Airy Blue

“There is a fun, whimsical feel to these one-of-a-kind earrings, and the exquisite craftsmanship will delight all, but most importantly you!”


Fall Color: Sharkskin

Pantone Sharkskin

“Smaller than most of our DUBLOS collection, but still mighty!”


Fall Color: Aurora Red

Aurora Red
“These intricate and superbly crafted DUBLOS earrings are one of the most incredible pieces we have ever seen!”



Fall Color: Warm Taupe

Pantone Warm Taupe
“Swarovski crystals have a café au last blond color that makes them one of the most elegant in the shop. Stunning is the only word.”



Fall Color: Dusty Cedar

Pantone Dusty Rose
“The color has a vintage, elegant feel that is entirely glamorous and feminine. You will find much pleasure in adorning yourself in these.”



Fall Color: Lush Meadow

Pantone Lush Meadow
“Simply superb. No one else will be as dynamic as you in these earrings!”



Fall Color: Spicy Mustard

Pantone Spicy Mustard
“The detail and craftsmanship will delight you.The mosaic design is a work of art.”



Fall Color: Potter’s Clay

Pantone Potter's Clay
“Bathed in golden Swarovski crystals.  Sexy, but that is an understatement.”



Fall Color: Bodacious

Pantone Bodacious
“Delicate and elegant. Perfect for any special occasion. Simply gorgeous.”


Whichever pair of DUBLOS earrings you choose to add to your Fall jewelry collection, we assure you that they are pieces made by expert and skillful hands! For 25 years, the people behind DUBLOS have harnessed passion along with imagination and talent to create truly wearable works of art. Only the finest materials such as Swarovski crystal, Mother-of-Pearl, Coral and Turquoise natural stones are used in their collections. Celebrate the coming of a new season by incorporating jewelry that tells stories. To read more about this special design house check out our blog on DUBLOS here!

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