The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with...

Jennifer Jedda

Posted on August 07 2013

Two Happy Girls in Kalabougou, Mali!

Two Happy Girls in Kalabougou, Mali this case, it begins with a single blog post!

Welcome!  It is with much personal glee and pride that I throw open my virtual doors for business.

It is not an overstatement to say that giving a heartbeat to this corner of the cyber universe has long, long been on my list of aspirations.  A dream! I have always wanted to create something that was distinctly me yet something that could be appreciated and experienced by others.  The concept of JJ Caprices was born.

Travel and finding unique, distinct objects during my wanderings are two of my passions.  Here, amongst these links and pages, I hope to make available to you the treasures I find as well as fuel your love for distant lands by sharing the stories of the places I find them and the artists that make them so special.

My goal will always be to delight.  

I begin this adventure featuring artists and goods from 3 of the 33 countries I have visited.  Over the course of time, I will add to the collection. Costa Rica is on my travel itinerary this fall.  One of my favorite ceramists heralds from this tropical country, and I can't wait to include her colorful creations to JJ Caprices. Exclusive flamenco-inspired jewelry from Spain will also soon be featured as well as exotic pieces from the remote country in the Himalayas I visited last October, Bhutan!

As you shop and browse, don't hesitate to reach out to me with questions (travel or product related) or comments.  I am already looking forward to the new, interesting people that this journey will introduce me why not make yourself known sooner rather than later!  

Happy exploring, and I look forward to helping you indulge in a few caprices of your own! if I could only learn to pack light. But a journey of a thousand miles does require a lot of shoes, right?!


*The picture of the little girl and me was taken in October, 2010 during my 2 1/2 week trip to Mali in West Africa. This is one of my favorite travel pictures ever. The very small village where this little girl is from has some of the most amazing, hard working women in the world. You can learn more about these inspiring women on my personal blog entry: My Favorite Day in Mali 

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  • Peggy Brady: August 07, 2013

    Jen, love your web pages. pb

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