Perfect Pair: 5 Dreamy Destinations & JJ Caprices Pieces To Take Along

Jennifer Jedda

Posted on June 20 2016

The heat of summer ignites wanderlust and this week to further fuel our travel obsession we are kicking off a four week summer travel series featuring inspiring destinations, travel tips and travel style...all just before I head out on my Southeast Asia tour in August (Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam here I come!).

This first week we highlight five cities that should be on everyone's travel list (summer or otherwise). The fun addition to this slate of must-visits is that my lovely intern, Wendy, paired each of these dreamy recommendations with favorite JJ Caprices jewelry that reflect the spirit of each city. 

Let's explore!



Why Go to Dubrovnik: Dubrovnik, the treasure of Croatia, is an ancient costal city that no travel enthusiast should miss. This World Heritage Site near crystal blue waters and against breathtaking backdrops will enchant with its rich seaport history on the Adriatic. Be sure to enjoy local oysters, Croatian white wine and light evening breezes at an outside terrace. Each day in Dubrovnik will be a new surprise and adventure! 

What JJ Wears: Mosaic Pendant Earrings handmade in Spain by DUBLOS - an enchanting mosaic collage of semi-precious stones and enamel embellishments  


Why Go to Udaipur: Udaipur, the City of Lakes, is the jewel of Rajasthan, India. In three words the city can be described as magical, regal and vibrant. The Lake Palace on Lake Nichola sparkles at sunset as it reflects against the placid waters. Bustling activity, dazzling local shops and scrumptious fare further highlight the riches of this royal must-experience city. 

What JJ Wears: Elegant Venus Necklace handmade in Israel by AMARO -  the combination of pearls and crystals, delicacy and sturdiness


Why Go to Vienna: Vienna, Austria's City of Dreams, epitomizes elegance and romance. The spirit of Vienna can be experienced through a bite of Demel’s tasty chocolate cake, taking in the grandness of Homburg Palace, enjoying a performance at one of the most famous opera houses in the world and marveling at the the sapphire-blue of the Danube. A visit to this imperial city will be fulfilling both culturally and gastronomically.     

What JJ Wears: Woven Cultured Pearl& Black Crystal Necklace handmade in Paris by MAODUN the perfectly set white, clear and black beading detail makes this piece spellbinding


Why Go to Chefchaouen:  This blue mountain town is located in the beautiful Rif mountains of Morocco. The buildings of its ancient medina are painted calming, rich shades of blue and are signature to this picturesque town. Every turn is a postcard in Chefchaouen! Wandering the old winding alleys of the old town will transport one to times gone by. The enchantment of "Chaouen" and its people is not to be missed.      

What JJ Wears: Aqua Crystal Pendant Earrings handmade in Spain by DUBLOS - beautiful aqua and classic Swarovski crystals exquisitely adorn these statement earrings



Why Go to Oaxaca:  Oaxaca is the food and artisan capital of Mexico. Its delectable local cuisines, like mole, an ingredient rich dark sauce,and tlayudas, a thin Oaxaqueño pizza, will provide a banquet of food temptations. AND one must be sure to take time to learn the proper way to drink the smoky, worm embibbed mescal! Like a multi-faceted gem, Oaxaca sparkles with its indigenous diversity, rich culture, artful handicrafts and hospitality of its local people.   

What JJ Wears: Indian Amazon White Feather Necklace hand made in France by Satellite Paris -brilliant mix of feathers, leather, Japanese beads and crystals gives it a wild yet elegant feel

Written by Wendy Wei and Jen Jedda 

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