My City: Tel Aviv, Israel with Leetal Kalmanson of LK Designs

Jennifer Jedda

Posted on July 05 2015

Our first glimpse into Israel's vibrant, 24 hour city was with another one of our favorite Israeli jewelry designers, Irit Goffer Sasson of AMARO.   

Now we explore Tel Aviv through the eyes of another talented designer from the same city, Leetal Kalmanson of LK Designs.  To have both of these designers participate in our Summer Travel Series is more than a dream, and a testament to their interest and commitment to shops like mine!

Enjoy a glimpse into Leetal's Tel Aviv!

Leetal (left) and me (right) when we met in Paris for the first time.

Name: Leetal Kalmanson
Occupation: Fashion jewelry designer at LK Designs
Hometown: Tel Aviv 

What is your favorite local hang out?

Mostly cool restaurants and wine bars. For example:


What is the one thing first time visitors must-see in the city?

The beach, the night life and the different markets.

Market in Tel Aviv

 What is a local delicacy?

Humus and Pita

What does your perfect day in the city always include?

Breakfast at Hotel Montefiore

Where is the best place to get a culture fix in the city?

Tel Aviv museum 

LK Design's new look book was taking at the botanical garden in Tel Aviv

What is the one thing tourists always miss when they visit but shouldn't?

Tel Aviv Beach 

What does the city pride itself on?

Night life

What would people be surprised to learn about Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv has the second-largest economy in the Middle East after Dubai.

Where are your favorite places to eat in the city?

Messa Chef Restaurant

Herbert Samuelcreative and contemporary cuisine

Mul-Yam - Seafood Gourmet

Cat it


To learn more about Leetal, jump to our blog about her!  Or shop her amazing jewelry here!

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