Remembering Bolivia in Pictures

Jennifer Jedda

Posted on June 02 2015

When I came home from my trip to South America, and people would ask me how it was, I would respond with, "Bolivia isn't for the faint of heart." 

While it is true that, physically speaking, Bolivia is one of the most difficult countries I have ever visited, there is a mystery, intrigue and perplexity to the country that makes the hardship well worth the effort. I am still in awe of the experiences I had down there.

The following post is one I originally wrote for my personal travel blog, One Girl's Adventures, months after my return.  It captures the essence of my unforgettable 3 weeks in this rich country.  Enjoy!


Some countries are too incredible to stop writing about once I leave their sovereign borders. And each time I think back to all I saw and did in Bolivia I really can’t believe I was in such a fantastical part of our planet. The breathtaking Andes, the daunting altitude, the lush rainforest, the crazy bowler hats, the vast salt flat, the decorated llamas, the pink flamingos, and that harrowing mountain bike ride…how can I not reprise such a trip!?  So here is a look back in a few pictures…


Calle Jaén – A charming and iconic street in La Paz’s historic district.

Jen at Casa de Piedra in La Paz

 Best place to stay in La broma!

El Alto Plano

Need to get a witch reading? Head here in El Alto Plano! The fires are lit to burn all the offerings to Pachamama.

Witch in Alto Plano

Our witch doing readings with her coca leaves.  Prior to each reading she would pray to the Virgin Mary and Pacha Mama. A picture of Jesus and two human skulls sat directly to my right…rather distracting. 


During the witch reading

I have to admit I was nervous to hear my reading, BUT for me the coca leaves revealed great things about my health and professional realm. However, when it came time to address my love life they weren’t so optimistic.  If fact when the witch asked about the man I was dating at the time, her only response was, “Find another.”


Jen Jedda

If you want a reading too, our witch’s cell number is on the sign above!


Zebras in La Paz!

Zebras in La Paz!? Yep, and these ones help you cross the road safely at the “zebra” crosswalks.  You have never met a more friendly, energetic striped creature in your life!


La Paz

La Paz as seen from El Alto Plano.


chulita in bola

I loved witnessing the indigenous women, or “Cholitas,” in their layered skirts (meant to emphasize their hips and child birthing capabilities) and bowler hats. I heard different accounts on the history of the bowler hats but the common thread was that in the 1920s a shipment of the hats arrived from Europe for a group of railway engineers.  They were too small for the men so were peddled to the local women.  The fashion trend caught on and still exists 100 years later!


Warning in La Paz

In parts of La Paz and in some rural parts of Bolivia I saw dummies hanging by nooses.  These are warnings to robbers and general do-badders that such actions will be punished to the severest degree.  They kept me in line.


Andes Mountains

The rugged Andes Mountains in route to the Amazon Basin! The plane was so small I couldn’t stand up straight in it. The barf bag stayed close.


Airport in Rurrenabaque

The airport…eh, landing clearing…in Rurrenabaque.  Welcome to the Amazon!


Jen Jedda hunting for Anacondas

Hunting for Anacondas in the Amazon. I have to admit I wasn’t the most fervent hunter…and I have never watched my step so closely in my life. Mission Not Accomplished…no anacondas were sited.


Piranhas for Dinner!

We couldn’t find Anacondas during the day, but we ate Piranha in the evening! Tasted like chicken :).


Uyuni Salt Flat

Oh la la! The Uyuni Salt Flat!  Largest Salt Flat in the World…


Uyuni Salt Flat

…the most beautiful sunsets in the world


Uyuni Salt Flat

…and the best place in the world to take silly pictures!


And lets wrap up this walk down memory lane with these two highlights!


FLAMIGOS in the high altitude lakes of Bolivia.


The world's most dangerous road

My favorite picture from my adventure on a mountain bike on “The World’s Most Dangerous Road.” I survived the road and this picture!

For all the posts about my trip to Bolivia, check out my other blog posts…you may end up planning your own trip!!

Also check out this video my friend, Jorge (manager extraordinaire at my favorite boutique hotel in La Paz), sent me. It was made by the Bolivian Tourist Board. Bolivia Te Espera! Bolivia does indeed await you…and maybe me one more time!


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