Turkish Jewelry We Love by Hüseyin Sagtan

Jennifer Jedda

Posted on March 17 2015

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Turkish Jewelry by Huseyin Sagtan

Ottoman Inspired Necklace by Hüseyin Sağtan

The exquisite necklace shown above is just one of the reasons I fell in love with Turkish designer, Hüseyin Sagtan, while browsing boutiques outside the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.  It was immediately clear why he is considered one of Turkey's most important designers. Inspired by ancient women and Ottoman motifs, his one-of-a-kind statement pieces use silk, crochet details, semi-precious stones and bronze elements to create wearable works of art like no other I have encountered. Simply sublime, and each creates a fantasy all of its own.

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul (photo from Habib Toumi

While I was told that Sagtan does have a shop inside the world's largest and oldest covered market (3,000 shops and nearly 400,00 visitors daily to the Grand Bazaar!), I was never able to find it. The collection I curated was found outside the walls of the labyrinth-like market that was constructed after the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople in 1455. However, I did learn that Hüsyin Sagtan's talents have been discovered by Hollywood! He was asked to create period pieces for such famous movies as "The Other Boleyn Girl" and "Troy." Bravo!

Ottoman Inspired Necklace by Hüseyin Sağtan

Sagtan's designs succeed in being both simple and ornate. He masterfully integrates turquoise, emeralds, pearls and rubies in regal brilliance creating unique and stunning pieces that hark back to times gone by. The Ottoman time period, which is a particular focus of his design, was noted for its remarkable excellence of gold and silversmiths. Jewelry had much prominence during this epic and was given as wonderful wedding gifts because of its beauty and high value. The gorgeous and intricate designs often displayed complex filigree work and incorporated Persian and Byzantine motifs. This same attention to detail can be found in Sagtan's brilliant works today. 

Inside the Blue Mosque in Istabul

These treasures from Turkey are special in that they represent its culture and history, plus it is hard to deny their outstanding beauty. Dazzling sparkle and heirloom quality detail capture both the eye and imagination. We also love that their versatile elegance makes them very wearable! Add a pop of "worldly, antique color" to a pair of casual jeans or enhance your favorite LBD. The world is your oyster! I totally fell in love with these pieces and I think you will too!

We invite you now to explore all that delights you....especially our turkish ones :)! 

By Mackenzie Altig and Jen Jedda

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