Simply Brilliant: AMARO and Talented Israeli Jewelry Designer, Irit

Jennifer Jedda

Posted on November 13 2014

Iraeli Jewelry Designer, Irit Goffer Sasson
AMARO's founder and designer, Irit Goffer Sasson

In 2010 (pre-JJ Caprices) while exploring the streets of Jerusalem, I stumbled upon a charming boutique called AMARO. I entered its inviting doors and immediately had my breath taken away by all the sparkling treasures inside. Each direction I turned my eyes feasted upon exquisite jewelry handmade with combinations of natural stones, wild elements, shells and Swarovski crystals. I scooped up as much as I could for myself, friends and family and made note of the Israeli designer who created such inspiring works of wearable art. I had to learn more.

Amaro, Jewish Jewelry, Israeli Jewelry Designer

Sample of AMARO's Stunning Jewelry Collection

About AMARO and Israeli Jewelry Designer, Irit Goffer Sasson:


 AMARO, Irit Goffer Sasson, Israeli Designer Jewelry, Jewish Jewelry, Israeli Jewelry, Hamsa Jewelry

AMARO creates Hamsas and Jewish Jewelry as well.

Irit Goffer Sasson opened AMARO, a “spiritual jewelry” shop, over 25 years ago in her own home in Israel. Before she founded AMARO, Ms. Sasson had already transformed her jewelry-making hobby into a professional craft while studying at the Instituto di Disegno in Italy. With the skills she honed there, she started her own company focused on making exquisite and high-quality jewelry. 

What began as a small venture of passion and careful technique, gradually turned into a worldwide business. Now, AMARO pieces are sold in 21 countries around the world. Oprah featured one of her bracelets in the “O List” of O Magazine. The Princess of Norway sported her designs at two different events. And, though they are a globally-recognized brand, each piece of AMARO jewelry is still handcrafted in Israel by local designers. 

What makes AMARO unique is their use of exotic and colorful gemstones. Each stone has its own history, as well as meanings that come from ancient cultures. You will find necklaces featuring Black Onyx paired with Swarovski crystals, or Howlite Chinese turquoise with Cat’s Eye, each with intentions of providing the wearer with balance within their body. These are not your typical accessories. Every piece is made of gemstones or natural materials and is complimented by 24-carat gold, rhodium, or silver. AMARO pieces are metaphysical reminders as much as they are luxurious and tasteful adornments. Sasson says that she is inspired by her travels, female power, and world religions. Wearing her designs will surely transport you to another place. 

AMARO, Irit Goffer Sasson, Israeli Designer Jewelry, Jewish Jewelry, Israeli Jewelry

AMARO Earrings that will Transport You!

To this day I receive the most amount of compliments on the pieces I acquired that February afternoon in Jerusalem, and it is such a privilege to make Irit's brilliant jewelry available to you as well. I know you will equally treasure your AMARO jewels as I do.

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P.S. I had the pleasure of meeting Irit and her beautiful daughter, Stav, in Paris in January, 2014.  She was even more lovely in person, down to earth and completely personable. It was such a treat to meet them both!

By Paige Lester and Jen Jedda

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    Hi Elizabeth…I had a hard time opening it too…you might want to reach out to AMARO with an email….

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    Hi, I can’t access the website for Amaro jewelry—is it down?

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