My 5 Essential Travel Accessories

Jennifer Jedda

Posted on July 06 2014

Come August I will be South America bound - Bolivia specifically. I will also include a side trip to Peru to experience the fabled Machu Picchu. I haven't started packing yet, but going to a country with such varying climates and altitudes (La Paz is consider the highest international capital city in the world at 3,650 m (11,975 ft) above sea level) definitely has set the packing wheels in motion!

Invariably, however, I will be packing these 5 travel accessories that I find to be essential for all my trips. 

1) Travel Kit to Refresh Inflight

Who doesn't need to brush their teeth after the primavera pasta dish, second movie and third glass of box wine (yes, I fly coach) on a long haul flight!? For me clean teeth and a clean face means I will be able to endure the 10 - 24 hour flight with a smile.  My inflight travel kit always includes: one toothbrush, one mini-tub of tooth paste, one 3oz or less bottle of gentle face cleaner, a sample pack of facial lotion, a sample pack of eye cream, lip balm, several wet wipes, one wash cloth and one plastic bag (I put the wet wash cloth in the plastic bag when I am done). I am also going to start adding a small bottle of essential oils to rub on my hands and/or chest just for scent and relaxation benefits.

I keep my items in one of our festive soft sided make-up bags that were hand painted in Costa Rica.  Easy to pack and fun to look at while waiting in line for the lavatory to become unoccupied.

Travel Essentials, Costa Rica Hand painted bag, inflight refresher kit 

My inflight refesher kit!

 2) International Power Adapter

In every hotel I stay I immediately set up my command center which includes making sure all my iPhones, iPads and Mac Books are properly plugged in and charging.  This means I find the most ideal adapters are the ones that have multiple places to plugin my devices. I usual take a minimum of 2 adapters, but depending on the length of the trip, sometimes 3 - 4 (undoubtedly one gets tragically left behind from time to time).  Multiple adapters means I can keep one in the bathroom (as long as it can handle hair dryers) as well as one next to my bed. Note: Adapters don't convert power.  Depending on what I am plugging in I may need to plan to have a power converter packed as well. 

International Power Adapter

Not the exact international power adapter I use, but something similar. You can find many on

 3) Cashmere Pashmina

Soft, luxurious, gorgeous and practical! I don't leave home without one of my colorful cashmere pashminas. It is easily stored in a carry on, and it is great to use as a blanket on plane, trains, buses for extra warmth or as a pillow. It is perfect to throw over my shoulders for evenings out or use as a scarf under my could even be used as a sarong at the beach! It has also come in handy when packing up fragile souvenirs to bring home.

Explore our versatile and beautiful pashmina's in the shop here. One may become a travel essential for you too!

Wearing Pashmina in Bhutan, Cashmere for Travel

Me in Bhutan with young Bhutanese girl and her little sister wearing one of my essential travel items, cashmere pashmina.

 4) Tumi Travel Purse

My quintessential travel companion is my Tumi shoulder bag. It seems like all my travel pictures show me with one draped across my body!  Since I am not a money belt girl, I find this cross-the-body nylon accessory perfect for fitting all my on the go essentials (including a point and shoot camera) while still feeling like I can keep my valuables tucked close to me (I usually walk with my hand over it).  Check Tumi's current selection here.

JJ Caprices, Jen in Africa, Favorite Travel Accessories

My favorite travel photo of all time and look whats on me! Tumi! (Cute kid too, no?!)

5) iPhone and Mac Book

Like at home, when I travel I need my hand held device and my laptop so I can communicate, research, work and blog. I usually bring 2 iPhones - one "unlocked" so I can use a local SIM card for making and receiving phone calls and my "locked" phone because there is where my most current info is stored. A waterproof case like LifeProof is also a nice "just in case" iPhone accessory to have while on the road. When I have access to wifi, I use each to map routes, communicate for free on apps like WhatsApp and Viber, read my kindle and play Words with Friends.  My Mac Book is where I download pics at the end of each day, blog and plan my next restaurant destination. Technology while traveling to me is actually more than is critical (even when wifi isn't reliable...which will be the case in Bolivia).  

Note:  A law was just passed making it legal for us in USA to unlock our phones without the direct permission from the carrier. Read more here.

Essential Travel Accessories,

My too flashy iPhone case :).

Look forward to hearing what your essential travel accessories are.  Pleas share in the comments! 

Now to figure out my route from Lake Titicaca to Machu Picchu....


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