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Jennifer Jedda

Posted on March 06 2014

**Important Note to Customers:  As of November, 2017 we learned the LK Designs is no longer in business nor designing. Once our collection of Leetal's pieces are depleted there will be no more. Sorry for the sad notice (because we are truly saddened by it.)**


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On my last full day in Jerusalem back in 2010 I was strolling the Jewish Quarter in the Old City when I came upon a boutique full of creative handmade gifts and jewelry from Israeli. I remember entering the shop and then swirling around. My eyes danced as they feasted upon all the colorful, unique art that lined the shelves and walls. I knew I had found a very special place. The swirling came to a sudden stop when I spotted a collection of the most exquisite earrings I was certain I had ever seen.  The shop girl took them down off the shelf for me, and I breathlessly asked, "Who made these?"

"Leetal Kalmanson of LK Designs. She is from Tel Aviv." was her response.


LK Designs from Israel
Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem 

After trying them all on, I selected my favorite, handed over my shekels and wore them out the door. At the time I didn't have this shop (or any business for that matter), but the idea of what you see today was sprouting in my mind and heart. I knew the creations of LK Designs would have to be part of whatever endeavor I embarked on. 

I opened JJ Caprices in July of last year, and LK Designs was one of the 5 designers I opened the shop with.  I had the pleasure and thrill of actually meeting her in Paris in January of this year. 

Leetal and Me in Paris in January of 2014!

Leetal Kalmanson was born in Tel Aviv. Inspired by fashion and design, she attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and graduated with a graphic arts degree. She started her career as a web instructor and designer. Somehow, however, she wanted to incorporate her love for fashion.  

When I met her in Paris, she told me that her jewelry line really sprung from a solution to a personal fashion need.  She had always loved big earrings, but back then found most were too heavy and gave her a headache.  Not wanting headaches, but still wanting pretty statement pieces dangling from her ears, she decided to design her own! She sketched beautiful, intricate earrings and then had them laser cut onto high quality, lightweight metals and embellished with crystals or colors. Her personal pieces started getting so much attention that she realized her dream of combining fashion with her design skills could be fulfilled by creating her own fashion jewelry. Voilà! LK Designs was born over 10 years ago.

Today Leetal has turned LK into a true success story with her designs sold all over the globe. She sketches each item in the collection. They are then hand-crafted with the highest quality materials - unique Bohemian crystal stones, Swarovski components and specially designed elements. Leetal's jewelry provides a sense of timeless luxury, and the attention she puts into her design gives each piece an unmatched quality and value. 

LK Designs, LK Design

LK Designs Collection


Leetal Kalmanson of LK Designs, LK Design

Image Courtesy of LK Designs.

LK Designs Necklace 

Jen Jedda, LK Designs filigree earrings

The earrings in this picture are the LK Designs filigree earrings I bought in Jerusalem in 2010.  Still are perfect with everything! Not for sale :)

I am so proud to have her pieces in my jewelry box and in the shop! She and her collection are indeed extraordinary, and it was such a privilege to place my last order with her in person in Paris. I actually was a little nervous!

The new pieces will be added soon, but in the meantime, discover current LK Design creations.  Like Leetal Kalmanson, they dazzle.

Happy International Women's Day!


Time to Say Good-bye forever to the beautiful designs of Leetal Kalmanson. She is no longer in business.


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  • Alice: March 28, 2019

    How do you pronounce leetal Kalmanson? Love the jewelry!

  • Jen Jedda: August 22, 2017

    THANK YOU! So happy to left a little note :)

  • Yilva kalmanson: August 22, 2017

    Love your jewelry. By coincidence I was purchasing silver earrings and your name came across.

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