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Jennifer Jedda

Posted on May 08 2016

Today’s modern mom balances her priorities of being an individual, as well as being an important member of her family. Times have changed throughout the years, and along with it, so has the role of women in our society. Once, women, especially mothers, are expected to stay home and focus solely on child rearing and housekeeping. In this modern time, however, mothers find themselves with more options, positions and roles. They have become decision makers, professionals, leaders and earners. 

Women have changed over time, adapting to the flow of modern civilization, without abandoning their primary roles as caregivers and teachers especially to their children. Many have stepped out from the realm of homes making names for themselves in their chosen fields. 

So today, we send out our deepest gratitude and appreciation to all mothers out there who are not afraid to express their authentic selves to the world! As a reward for doing a job well done, how about treating yourselves to artisanal pieces curated by a woman who has love for life like you? Dress up and show the world your own personal taste and style. After all, Motherhood is not only a celebration of birth, but of a woman’s life! 

Here is some looks that we think all moms will love:

Style for Mom

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Style for Mom


Style for Mom


Written by Pj Valenciano

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