London, Paris, Prague! Oh My!

Jennifer Jedda

Posted on January 17 2014

I have been to 33 countries in my life, but never England.  The reason? They speak my language. Frankly I never saw the "challenge" in visiting a country where I didn't have to study guide book language phrases on how to ask, "Do you speak English?" or "Can I get the wine menu?" in the local dialect. Bizarre? Maybe. 

However, tomorrow all that changes as I will be jet setting off to the land of "God Save the Queen," mince meat pies and those darn enchanting accents. Who knows I may be kicking myself in 24 hours that it took me this long to witness Harrods and Big Ben in person.  Time will tell.  In the meantime, please Delta Airlines….

This 3 week European tour to find more inspirational and breathtaking handcrafted pieces for the shop will also include:

Paris..bien sur!

I will be searching for items from Murano and the charming Burano!


Torino, Italy

Here I will visit my Italian family and have on of the famous coffee-and-chocolate drinks, il bicerin, at 
Caffè al Bicerin. My mouth is watering already!


I hear the crystal and glass beads are lovely here.

You can follow my journey on my personal travel blog, One Girl's Adverntures, or Facebook. I will be looking for input on new additions for the shop…so would love to get your thoughts!  And always send your restaurant recommendations :).

Now to check into my flight...


P.S. My team will be fulfilling orders while I am out and about. You can still get those lovely earrings from Israel that you have been eyeing while I am pounding the cobblestone streets of Paris! No worries!

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  • Jen: January 20, 2014

    Andrea! So far it has been exceptional…and I am only on day 2 :). The English countryside is lovely…now onto London! Kiss!

  • Andrea: January 18, 2014

    How Exciting !!!! … all of this… can’t wait to read your impressions… big big kiss and enjoy your trip.. :)))))

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