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Wounaan Basket - Hummingbird with Orchid

Designer: Wounaan Tribe

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There likely does not exist a finer basket in the world than the Wounaan baskets. Intense natural colors, intricate designs and exceptionally fine weave make these remarkable creations from the Darién Rainforest of Panamá one of the rarest and most highly-regarded art forms across the globe.

Meticulously created by hand by a woman tribes member who learned the ancient tradition from her mother, this enchanting basket illustrates some of the natural flora and fauna in the Darién Rainforest. The design is perfect and even more surprising is she created it while weaving the hummingbird and orchid upside-down! The silky strands used to create the basket are from the sacred chunga palm and all the dyes are created from collected plants and berries around the villages. 

  • 4" H X 3.5"W
  • ~ 50 stitches per inch
  • Handwoven in Panamá 

To read more about these incredible creations, the Wounaan tribe and see images of the tribal women artists who weave these pieces of art, click over to my blog on Wounaan Baskets

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