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Vintage French Lace Votive by Jeanne Notari

Designer: Jeanne Notari

Sold Out


This votive has been hand dressed in French vintage lace by Parisian, Jeanne Notari.  The silk embroidery creates poetic shadows that dance on the walls when lit.  Each piece is completely unique and one-of-a-kind.  .

This votive is 100% reusable once the original wax is burnt down (I use votive inserts in mine now!) 

  • 2.25H X 2.75W
  • Hand Made in France
  • Just these 2 left as I can't seem to find Jeanne to reorder more :(

More about Jeanne Notari and How We Discovered Her: 

While living in Paris my walk to French class in the mornings involved a wonderful journey down Rue du Cherche-MidiI loved taking in the smells of the fresh baguettes and admiring the whimsical shop windows that lined this ancient street.  On a particular morning one of my favorite shops had an exquisite collection of hanging lamps. The lamp shades were dressed in French lace and so stunning that I diverted course to stand and admire the romantic creations.

I soon learned that the inspired artist who designs these exclusive items is a wonderful Parisian woman named Jeanne Notari.  Her specialty is creating lampshades using vintage lace she collects from attics and brocante markets in France. These lamp shades will be made make available soon.  In the meantime, whet your appetite with this magical piece of Paris also created by Jeanne.

*The additional picture I took of the courtyard in the building that houses Jeanne Notari's atelier in Paris.

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