Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet

Designer: Artist in Peru


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The Story

Walking the streets of Cusco,Peru I stumbled into a little silver market off the Plaza de Armas.  I was enchanted by the rows of silver jewelry all encased in glass that lined the four walls. Some of the work was quite detailed, others, like this wonderful .950 silver bracelet, was elegant in their simplicity. Peru, being the second largest producer of silver in the world, is known for their silver smith work so coming home without some for the shop would have been akin to going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower...I just couldn't let it happen!

Enjoy this versatile shiny bracelet that is certain to become a staple in your accessory collection.

  • One Size Fits All
  • a little over. 25"W
  • .950 Silver (stamped)
  • Handcrafted by silversmith artisans in Peru

 * The additional pic is of an evening view of Plaza de Armas is the center of Cusco, Peru.