Queenly Sterling Silver and Turquoise Necklace - Armenian Jewelry

Designer: Armenian Jewelers in Lebanon


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The Story

This is likely one of the most exquisite necklaces we have ever laid our eyes on! Not only is it elegantly detailed with the subtle sparkle of the pyrite and turquoise, but the gently flow and lay of the queenly links beyond compare. We love the vintage patina of it too!  The additional fact that it was handmade by Armenian jewelers in a small town in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley called Anjar only makes it more special. The work of these jewelers has been long renowned across the Middle East and world. It is a reputation that stands testament to the skills and traditions of the Armenian community, which established itself in the country after being driven from what is modern-day Turkey in what some describe as an act of genocide that started in 1915. I was delighted to meet Christ and his lovely wife (see picture) in their small shop located close to a site famous for its ancient Roman ruins. They were equally delighted to see me. The war in Syria has greatly stifled the number of visitors to the area so I was happy to brighten their day by selecting some of their world-class quality pieces for you! 

  • 19" L 
  • Stamped .925 Sterling Silver, latch clasp
  • Handmade by Armenian jewelers in the Armenian community of Anjar, Lebanon
  • the image of the matching earrings show more of the intricate rosette detail

** The first of the additional pics is of me with Christ and his wife in their shop in Anjar. The second is of the Temple of Bacchus in Baalbek, Lebanon (not far from Anjar). It is one of the best preserved and grandest Roman temple ruins in the world...and a great reason to go visit Lebanon to witness for yourself. Spectacular!