Ivory Hand Crocheted Flower and Pearl Necklace by Atelier Godolé

Designer: Atelier Godole


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The Story

"Entrelacs d’Amour, de Passion et de Patience." (Interlaced with love, passion and patience.)

I met Alma, one of the three women of the Godolé family who collaborate to create the unique, handmade piece you see here, in Paris.  She was delightful, and I fell under the charm of the Atelier Godolé creations immediately. Alma, her sister and her mother use their ancestral art of crochet to create refined and original pieces that are expressions of themselves and their personality. 

Each piece starts as just a thread and a needle.

The use of simple tools plus wire, thread and embellishments allow the women the grand liberty of improvisation. They realize each piece with meticulous care. The final result is a piece of unmatched quality, intricate detail and completely one-of-a-kind. When I met Alma, she showed me the how each small flower (3 - one for each side of the pendant and the one near the clasp) on this necklace were hand crocheted with a small needle and thread.  Such humble beginnings for such a magnificent result.

Simple, Elegant and Stunning - this extraordinary art will be a delight to wear for any occasion. 

  • 16"L (reversible - the flower pendant is perfect on both sides)
  • Fresh Water Pearl and .925 Silver Chain
  • Handmade in France by Atelier Godolé

*The extra pic I took at the famous Parisian patisserie, Ladurée.  Don't you think this necklace would be cute to wear while eating macaroons!