Glittering Wood Moss Sterling Silver Ring

Designer: Adela Cremene

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This one-of-a-kind ring were curated in Brasov, Romania by a Romanian artist named Adela Cremene. She takes natural flora that is native to Romania and found near her hometown of Brasov, dries it, sets it in resin and then mounts it on sterling silver to create a special piece of wearable art.

  • .925 sterling silver adjustable band
  • " wide with a beautiful white background to highlight the details of the moss

More Details about the Piece from the Artist, Adela:

"'Hylocomium Splendens' is commonly known as 'glittering wood moss.' This specimen was collected from a forest of Brasov city, pressed and preserved in resin.

The rig is made of 925 sterling silver and adjustable band with the plant preserved on a white background, to highlight the delicate details of the moss.

The plant is kept inside a strong clear resin that will last for many years, for your children and your nieces to admire it.

If you will own this jewellery you become part of a worldwide movement of preserving nature and rising awareness to the danger pose of pollution. If we can make more and more people realise that plants are crucial for a healthy ecosystem, we are one step closer to a better world."

We love this sentiment and couldn't agree more! Enjoy!

 * The additional pics show 1) a specimen of glittering wood lace as found in the forests of Brasov 2) some of her artist tools for creating these special one-of-a-kind pieces and 3) an image I captured of the charming town square of Brasov, Romania (you must go!). 

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