Black Zircon and Sterling Silver Filigree Earrings by LK Designs

Designer: LK Designs



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 Leetal Kalmanson dapples in fine jewelry with these exquisite sterling silver earrings with rose gold plating and hand placed black zircon gemstones. The filigree detail is alluring and mesmerizing.  The unique property of these unique earrings is that you can easily use them to enhance your everyday outfits, yet they are brilliant enough to carry over into your evening escapade. You will cherish these earrings for years. 

  • 2 inches long and 1.25 inches wide - light weight
  • Sterling silver, Rose Gold Plated, Hand placed black zircon gemstones 
  • Designed by LK Designs
  • Hand-made in Israel

More about LK Designs and Where we Discovered her: 

Strolling the streets of Jerusalem I wandered into a boutique that displayed exquisite pieces by this up and coming Israeli jewelry designer, Leetal Kalmanson. I was completely taken by her hand-made work and scooped up several pairs from her "famous earrings" collection. I am pleased to share her elegant yet versatile jewelry with you!

All LK Designs pieces are hand-crafted with the highest quality materials, unique Bohemian (European) crystal stones, Swarovski components and specially designed elements. LK jewelry provides a sense of timeless luxury, and the attention that goes into design gives each piece an unmatched quality and value.  Learn more about LK Designs and my first time meeting Leetal in Paris in my blog post here!

The additional photo I took while in Israel of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.

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