Baroque Skull Rhinestone Drop Earrings by Satellite Paris

Designer: Satellite Paris


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The Story

Italian flamboyance and Satellite's chic sense of design are combined in this pair of 14K gold-plated drop earrings. The intense red compliments the shades of blue-green to give this jewelry, adorned with sparkly Swarovski crystals, a dash of fantasy. A delicate rhinestone hand reveals a freshwater pearl and a crystal bead while a baroque skull sits at the center of this jewelry.

  • 4.5" L x .75" W
  • 14K gold plated metal, Swarovski Crystal, Swarovski Crystal Pearl, Crystal, Fresh Water Pearl,  Colored Resin
  • Designed by Satellite Paris - Taormina Collection
  • Hand made in France

More about Satellite and Where We Discovered it:

While living in Paris my favorite spot for finding gifts (for myself and others!) was a lovely jewelry boutique named Satellite. The handmade pieces mesmerized me.  I would browse the store studying the tribal, baroque or couture elements that made each collection better than the next. I continue to love the captivating story the jewelry tells about the riches the world has to offer.

*The additional photo I took on my last trip to Paris.