Cat's Eye Stone Drop Earrings - Twilight Rose

Designer: Ibrahim Eke



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The Story

We love these mesmerizing cat's eye drop earrings that curated from one of our favorite artisans in Istanbul.  The clarity and iridescent nature of the color of these special earrings will make you find excuses to wear them.  

The cat's eye stone is also thought to have properties that give you a positive mindset and remind you of the joys of life. Every time you wear them you will be reminded of the joy of life!

  • 1.25"L X .5"W
  • Handmade in Turkey
  • Cat's Eye gemstone, gold plated bronze, hypoallergenic 
  • Earrings are irregular in shape and do not exactly match each other
The additional picture is of the iconic and historic Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmed Mosque) in Istanbul. I took the image during my last visit to this magical city.