Carnelian and Snake Pendant Latch Necklace

Designer: Macallè

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This necklace is my favorite! Its design is sophisticated and the snake addition makes it a perfect sassy and powerful accent necklace. It can be worn two ways, short like in the images below or long like a long pendant necklace. 

  • 17" Long Pendant is 1.75" Long
  • Gold plated brass, glass stone 
  • Hand Made in Montespertoli, Italy (near Florence)

This extraordinary piece was created by Italian jewelry, Dario Macallè, and his son, Matteo. The Macallè family has had many years experience with metal fusion and wax casting. The family tradition was started way back in the 1950’s by Matteo’s grandfather. Their artisan laboratory specializes in the production of all kinds of brass and silver dress jewelry and accessories. The passing of the years has not diminished the passion with which the Macallè family works. Each piece they create is an original, and no two pieces of jewelry are alike. 

*The additional photos are of 1) the medieval cobblestone streets of San Gimignano, where I found this beautiful jewel and met its designer and his lovely wife, Dario and Laura Macallè , 2) Dario and me in their cute (and cold!) shop in San Gimignano, 3) Dario's hands making his stunning, extraordinary creations and 4) the dreamy Tuscan countryside...which is even so in January when this picture was taken!

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